Social Services

Case Management

Valley Regional Hospital provides Case Management services for you and your family. Working with doctors and other clinical staff, our case managers will assess your needs and help to coordinate your care. They will support you and your family in making important decisions.

Case Managers are available to assist you with a broad range of concerns such as questions you might have about your immediate care, financial responsibilities, Advance Directives, necessary referrals for equipment or services you might need upon discharge. Your access to appropriate services and need for assurance is their concern. Our professional Case Management team consists of social workers that works collaboratively to ensure your hospital stay is a positive experience and your discharge plan is appropriate.


Social Services

The services of a professionally trained medical social worker are available to all patients and their families for crisis intervention, counseling and discharge planning. The social worker can help you with problems that may arise during hospitalization or at the time of discharge. As a partner in the Case Management team, the social worker is there to make sure appropriate referrals and services are provided.

The social worker can also provide you with counseling, emotional support and information about community services and programs. At any time during your hospital stay, if you would like to speak to a social worker, ask a nurse or your physician to arrange a meeting.